Palm Inc., is one of the leading mobile products company that produces instinctive, yet powerful mobile products. This company’s products for consumers are Palm® Treo™ and Centro™ smartphones and Palm handheld computers, as well as software, services and accessories.

A smartphone is a combination of PDA and mobile phone. The Palm Treo 650, the first version of smartphone from Palm was of CDMA version from Sprint and some months later, a GSM version and then a version from Verizon also became available. Since then, the Treo 650 has become one of the most popular and anticipated smartphone in the market. Treo 700p is the next version of smartphone from Palm.


The complete design of Treo 700p PDA Phone is ninety five percent similar to that of Treo 650. The PDA has only a very few elusive changes. This metallic grey smartphone has rounded bottom edge, with a new application button layout and tactile rectangular navigation buttons. It has a moderate size and weighs around 180 grams, hence feels smaller in hand. But we found that these changes only gave a tawdry look to the smartphone as Treo 650 looked better (this was shoddy too). The rear side of the phone had the 1.3 mega pixel camera, a self portrait mirror, battery cover, speakerphone and a stylus silo. The left side of the PDA has two separate volume up/down control to adjust the volume and a side button. The earphone jack is 2.5mm and not the one of 3.5mm which most of the other devices uses.

The changes with the keyboard layout are quite significant at least for those who were very acquainted with the Treo 650 model keyboard. The power button which is also the end call button and the call or send button have changed in both shape and location. The menu button has taken the pace where the right shift button was previously located and the application button has been relocated to the right side. Palm Treo 700P smartphone sports a new button which takes you directly to the built-in dialer application. The new keys are certainly little spacious.

Palm Treo 700 did not yield much cracks when the Gadgeteer squeeze test was performed on it. The keyboard seemed to be squeaky, yet this brightly backlit keyboard gives swift feedback.


The display is the 2.57 inches screen with 65k color and a resolution of 320×320 pixels. It is crisp, clear and a little brighter than that of the Treo 650 and the readability of the texts is also very good yet things get tougher when you are in sunlight. It would be wiser if you can get a protective case for its gorgeous display as the display is prone to smudges and fingerprints. The color theme and backlight time can be changed.

Audio performance:

The quality of sound through the earphones in Treo 700p smartphone has increased considerably and has louder volume than its previous version. Audio quality diminished slightly when we activated the speakerphone. The volume levels for alarm and ringing remains the same though. An additional feature that 700p has with respect to alarm is that, it can also be set to vibrate apart from sound. A minor change from 650 that the 700p has is it gives it a little vibration feedback when you switch the ringer to the sound-off position.


One important feature of Palm Treo 700p PDA Phone is its noticeably upgraded built-in 1.3 mega pixel camera with a resolution of 1280 x 1024. The 2X zoom feature is just not very good and it still lacks the macro mode making the close-up shots look crap. When in three to five feet distance, you can get the best output from Treo 700p smartphone. Palm Treo 700p comes with the ScanR software, which enables you to take a picture of a whiteboard, then put the writing from the board into a Word document


The PDA’s memory has also been increased from just 22MB to 60MB, good news for all those who love install third party applications. You also get an SDIO/MMC expansion slot that supports up to 2GB media. But on the flip side, since the processor remains the same, the speed of the device will remain the same. You can also record videos with audio and create slide shows with music and audio commentary.


The Bluetooth in the Palm Treo 700P smartphone has been updated from the 1.1 to the 1.2 version. But since there is no A2DP (Advanced Audio Distribution Profile), you can not listen to the MP3 tunes via the Bluetooth headphones. The dial-up networking can be done without any third party applications like that of the PDAnet. The Bluetooth works at its best when the headset and the handset are at a closer distance. Palm Treo 700p has done a good job by pairing with the Logitech Mobile Traveller Bluetooth Headset.


The 3G EV-DO (Evolution-Data Optimized) which is a wireless broadband data standard is supported by Verizon and Sprint has been used in Treo 700p, which is available only in a few areas. EV-DO allows you to enjoy broad-band like speeds of around 300Kbps to 600Kbps, that means faster e-mail, messaging, and attachment downloads.

Blazer browser:

This Palm Treo 700p handheld PDA has a Blazer browser of version 4.5 which is an upgraded version supporting streaming Medias such as, WMA (Windows Media Audio), ASF (Advanced Systems Format), WMV (Windows Media Video) and MP3.


Software in ROM:
The software included in the ROM include, Bluetooth manager, Phone, HotSync Manager, Contacts, Calculator, Calendar, Card info, Memos, Quick Tour, Tasks, World Clock, Messaging, Versamail, Blazer browser, Camcorder and a Camera.

This Palm smartphone also has the Documents To Go version 8.0 software which can be used to view and edit Microsoft Office documents such as Word, Excel and view Powerpoint and PDF files.

The interface updates in the videos and pictures applications includes My Treo which is a userguide and news download application, Pocket Tunes MP3 player, voice memo which is the voice recorder application, On Demand (wireless portal application from Handmark), TV guide, weather information with forcast and radar, Sprint TV and Sprint software store.

Software in CD-ROM:
The software included in the CD ROM are, Audible (Audio book software), Bejeweled (Tile game), Documents To Go, eReader (eBook reader), Palm Files, Remote File Access, Solitaire, Traffic for Treo smartphones and Treo Voice Dialing.

Battery and package:

The battery used is 1800mAh lithium-ion rechargeable battery. It is appreciable that the battery is user-replaceable as use can get one in case of any emergency. The Palm Treo 700p’s battery life is four and a half hours of talk time and up to twelve days of standby time.

There is a sparse list of the included accessories which includes AC adapter, a USB cable, a wired stereo headset, a desktop-synchronization CD, and reference material.

If you had a good time with you Plam Treo 650, then you would be delighted with Palm Treo 700p too.

Palm Treo 700p Smartphone Technical Specification Details

Manufacturer Palm
Model Name Palm Treo 700p Smartphone
Multi-use / PDA phone Yes
Form factor Candy bar
Display type TFT active matrix
Color support 16-bit (64K colors)
Max resolution 320 x 320 pixels
Dimensions ( H x W x D) 5.1 x 2.3 x 2.1 inches
Weight 6.3 oz
Built-in devices Display, Antenna, Camera
Cellular technology CDMA
Band / mode CDMA 800/1900
Wireless Interface Infrared (IrDA), Bluetooth
Email protocols supported IMAP4, POP3
Data services E-Mail, WWW, SMS, MMS
Modem Integrated Wireless cellular modem
Service provider Sprint Nextel
Cellular enhancement protocol CDMA 2000 1X EV-DO
OS provided Palm OS 5.4.9
Processor Intel 312 MHzXScale
Input device type Stylus, Keyboard, 5-way navigation button, Touch-screen
Digital camera Still image resolution : 1280 x 1024Digital zoom: 2

Features: Self-portrait mirror

Digital audio standards supported MIDI , WAV, MP3
Audio input type Microphone
Audio output type Speaker(s)
Available body colors Silver/Gray
Battery installed 1800mAh lithium-ion rechargeable battery
Standby time Up to 300hrs
Talk time Up to 270 min
Package AC adapter, a USB cable, a wired stereo headset,
a desktop-synchronization CD, and reference material.